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The creation of the token only occurs on our exchange!


  • Create a coin on the exchange - 2$
  • To create coin on the market with the support of the course - 25$ (Means that your rate will not fall below the value you have determined)
  • The creation of coins + the site for a ICO + support + course news about the coin in our news group + support successfully conducted by ICO - 70$

What is included in the creation of the site?

The system is fully responsive and dynamic. All cryptocurrency wallet, such as: blockchain, block io, colgate, co in payment. The site comes with a marker, help system, peer-to-peer transfer, ICO calendar, technical record, team, recommendation and what you need. using the ICO platform, you can raise a Fund for your own cryptocurrency. The site is 100% secure, Seo optimized, well commented and well documented.

⇝ SUPPORT Automated I / o unit.⇝ SUPPORT Automated payment of coins.
⇝ SUPPORT Automated koitat.
⇝ SUPPORT Automated skrill.
⇝ SUPPORT Automated lane.
⇝ SUPPORT Automated BlockChain.
⇝ SUPPORT Automated Perfect Money.
⇝ SUPPORT Automated PayPal.
⇝ SMS notification.
⇝ Email notification.
⇝ 2fa authenticator support.
⇝ Security management.
⇝ Setting the PASSWORD.
⇝ Coin transfer logs.
⇝ Transfer coins.
⇝ Manage profiles.
⇝ Premium user panel.
⇝ Easy registration and login.
⇝ Easy to download technical document.
⇝ Coin, offering a road map.
⇝ ICO Calender.
⇝ Fully responsive design.

The functions of the administrator

⇝ Fully dynamic admin panel.
⇝ User management.
⇝ Broadcast email.
⇝ Manage subscribers.
⇝ Manage banned users.
⇝ Manage payment gateway.
⇝ To sell the magazine.
⇝ The control of the block diagram.
⇝ Technical information management.
⇝ COIN transfer log.
⇝ ICO sales management.
⇝ Control of the web site.
⇝ General setting.
⇝ Logo and icon.
⇝ Managing e-mail templates.
⇝ Management API SMS.
⇝ The setup of a banner.
⇝ About managing partitions.
⇝ Manage Faq.
⇝ Road map management.
⇝ Manage reviews.
⇝ Service management.
⇝ Manage group members.
⇝ Manage subscriber sections.
⇝ Footer and management of ICO units.
⇝ Manage background image.

To add a token, write to:
[email protected]

Specify which of the services you want to purchase, as well as the name of your token, the number of coins issued, a description of your coin, then we will consider the application and contact you within 24 hours.

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